Why I curse public transportation

Well, it’s really not all that bad. I discovered yesterday afternoon that one of my friends at work coincidentally happened to have her car in for service this week, too, so we were able to T it together which took the sting out of it a bit, though it was COLD…

We also then conspired to both get off at the same stop and hit Ann Taylor. Again, all in the name of reducing the sting of taking the T.

I managed to pick up a pink cashmere sweater that had originally been $158 for $39.99 – go me. As my friend said, you just can’t afford not to take advantage of a deal like that.

She got 2 sweaters and some excellent shoes. Then we ventured home, agreeing that we really needed to get our cars back, since we could not afford to take the subway together every day. Bad influences.

This morning was not quite as fun. It is absolutely freezing here. I wore the heaviest cable knit sweater I own and I was still so cold. The sidewalks aren’t exactly shoveled on my way to my office so navigating the slippery street was an exercise in anxiety.

My car still is not done. My primary reason for bringing it in was to get 4 brand new tires put on. Oh, and the violently scraping noise coming from the brakes. Well, come to find out, my car also had a recall. A “lengthy” recall, said the service department.

Whatever that means, I care very little, as long as I don’t have to pay for it. I’d rather keep on blogging.
So, they called today to update me, and said “wow, your tires are in rough shape, and we recommend new ones.”

No kidding. That’s why I brought the car in in the first place. Tires (like houses) are expensive. The good news? Six hundred dollars for 4 brand new tires…

I could have gotten a few nice pairs of shoes for that amount. However, there are a few things in life, in my opinion, that you just don’t bargain shop for. Tires on the car are one of those things. I’ll choose safety in this realm, thanks. I just hope it’s done soon.

Shopping for dorm bed for my baby sister

A common mistake when dorm shopping that people make is buying the wrong type of sheets. Many will go out buying new bed sheets, and mistakenly buy Twin sizes.

While I’m sure there are some exceptions, the vast majorities of college dorm mattresses use Twin XL sized sheets. A lot of people never even hear about this size of sheet until it comes time to for dorm shopping.

Twin XL beds are as wide as normal twin beds, but they’re an extra five inches longer, presumably to accommodate taller students.


For most of the year, twin XL sheets aren’t sold in stores, but as college move-in approaches, many stores will begin their yearly college sales. This is the best time to buy this specific type of sheet, and your local WalMart, Target, or Bed Bath and Beyond should carry them.

Just make sure you check the package before buying to make sure you have the right kind of sheets! Finding out on move-in day is never fun.


The only two things that actually need to be Twin XL are your fitted sheet and, if you have one, a mattress pad. The rest of your sheets and blankets can be whatever size you want. If you frequently make your bed properly, then don’t be surprised when a couple of your blankets seem a bit short.

Of course, you’ll almost never buy a fitted sheet on its own, so you’ll likely end up with a pack of sheets sized Twin XL.  But you definitely don’t need to worry about your blankets being the right length.