What to do when you feel sick

Yep, it won. I’m at home today, sick. It’s not your run of the mill stuffy head/cold/sore throat. This, I think, is some sort of flu, since I am beyond exhausted and all of my muscles hurt, and oh yes, I have a fever. What I really think is wrong is that I’m sleep deprived. I don’t think I sleep as soundly as I’m supposed to, and often times I will wake up several times a night. I fall right back asleep without a problem, but the waking up leads me to believe it’s not a sound sleep that I’m getting.

Anyway, all that means that I’m home today. And my house is clean, so I’m not even cleaning. I’m actually going back to bed for a few hours, and then I really have to get out of the house and get some fresh air. I have a few errands to run, probably just to Target and pick up the dry cleaning or whatever, and then its back to bed for this girlie. I really can’t afford to miss another day of work tomorrow, so rest it is.

Last night, I had slept for a while, and still felt kind of crappy, but I decided to cook the dinner I had planned anyway. I opened the kitchen window despite the below zero temps because I was just so hot. As I was finishing up cooking, my husband set about setting the table. He was pouring us wine, and then went into the silverware drawer to get the silverware. He looked at me sort of, I don’t know, trepidatious? So I was like, what? And he said, what are we going to do about knives? I said, I’m pretty sure we have plenty of knives in there.

Now, this is how I know I’ve created a monster JUST LIKE ME, because he then looked at me like “oh you silly girl” and said, “but darling…those knives and forks won’t MATCH!”

This you see, coming from the man who lived here for 2 years before finding me, who looks at me with that “silly girl” expression whenever I scrub the shower, because he had never, ever in 2 years cleaned it – firmly, and really, truly, believing that showers are “self-cleaning.”

We ate dinner with the non-matching knives. We’ve got to go a little crazy *sometimes*, you know? I even made coffee this morning with the wrong size filter. Look out!

Now I am exhausted from all this typing so I’m going back to bed.

Feeling better

It is indeed Friday and I am so glad. This has been a long and exhausting week and next week is looking a lot worse. I am going to enjoy the hell out of this weekend because I think I need it.

Tonight, my sister is coming over and we’re having dinner and a fair number of gin and tonics. No, I’m not cooking. We’re going out, but not before my obsessive-compulsive husband and I watch a few episodes of ’24’. We just cannot stop. We’re about 9 or 10 hours in and like he reminded me we have seasons 2 and 3 to look forward to. I’ve never looked forward to 72 hours of television quite the same way prior to this.

Tomorrow I really should get my hair colored and trimmed, since I have not done so since well before my birthday – October, and seeing that it is now September, it is high time I attended to the rat’s nest that is growing past my shoulders. I haven’t had hair this long in years. Tomorrow night we are going to a party that one of my former co-workers is having. Lots of fun people, I am definitely looking forward to that.

Sunday, brunch, and then housework, errands, and watching the Super Bowl with my parents who are having a small party of their own. I will manage to fit the gym into both days, since I’ve gone a grand total of twice this week. Thankfully the hotel I’m staying at next week when I travel for work has a decent gym. Nothing really special but they do have new treadmills. I won’t have anything else to do, except work, so I’ll be able to at least run each night.

Well, just under an hour and a half to go and then I am so out of here. Thank goodness for iTunes, Neneh Cherry, and Friday afternoons. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Woo!