Versatile Award For Bloggers

The super-adorable Janie of Monster Girl Writes gave the Versatile Blogger Award to me! You definitely need to check out her blog ’cause it’s fantastic and so well-written. Go. Do. Now.

I think this is my first blog award ever and now I feel all special and like I just won an OSCAR or something. Omigosh, I cannot believe it! I would like to thank…

4 Rules go along with this award:

Rule 1:

Thank the person who gave you this award.

Thanks, Janie!

Rule 2

Share 7 things about yourself.

1: I don’t particularly like much of the music that originates from my country. There is plenty of it around, but in all honesty, I find most of it to be terribly, well, crap. Except, this song which I am rather fond of at the moment: ‘Young Blood’ by The Naked And Famous (for some reason embedding isn’t working for me). I saw them live when they opened for Nine Inch Nails and they were pretty good. This song kinda reminds me of MGMT, just like Napster.

2: If being a psychologist doesn’t work out for me, I’ll probably do interior design. I have a very big love of making living spaces look delicious.

3: I love drinking tea, but I prefer Earl Grey over ‘regular’ black tea. Like, really prefer it. I’ll have the regular stuff if it is the only type of tea available but when I’m sipping it I can’t help thinking something is wrong with it.

4: On the subject of beverages, I am very predictable when it comes to what I will order at certain places. For instance, at Starbucks, I almost always get a grande green tea frappuccino, half the sugar syrup, with whipped cream. If it’s freezing and I want something warm I will either get a chai latte or hot chocolate. Sometimes I do try different things, like at Christmas when they have festive flavors.

5: I love my hair being played with. It makes me want to go to sleep because it’s so nice and relaxing.

6: I love high heels but I rarely wear them. They hurt… but I own like seven pairs.

7: I don’t like swimming at the beach if the water isn’t calm. Surf beaches are for sunbathing only! I have a fear of drowning in rough water that I manage to forget by avoiding rough beaches and not going on boats.

Rule 3

Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic.

1. Girl’s Gone Child – Fabulous blog of a fabulous mama. I’ve been reading for a few months now and I really enjoy her posts, especially the brutally honest ones.

2. Today Is My Birthday – Pretty much every post has me in fits of laughter. This wonderful lady has such a great writing style. Loooove.

3. Today’s Letters – Super-sweet blog of daily letters about random stuff and to her husband.

4. Sometimes Sweet – Danielle’s blog may actually be my favorite find of the year. I am so, so pleased to have stumbled on it. She is a truly fantastic person!

5. Vannyyy – Really nice blog I’ve very recently found. Vanessa is studying to be a pastry chef so, yes, very yummy things do feature from time-to-time.

6. Of Mice and Manticores – Stevie’s insightful blog focuses on belief systems, science, and other interesting topics.

7. Our City Lights – Another very recent find. Diana’s blog is awesome, as is she.

Along with Janie, I’m stopping at 7 because I, too, do not have any other recently discovered blogs. In fact, some of the ones I’ve listed may not even be classed as ‘recently discovered’. More like ‘six months ago I found this blog and now I’m addicted to it and am sad when my Google Reader doesn’t have a post from them in it’.

Rule 4

Contact the bloggers you’ve picked and let them know about the award.

Off to do that right now: Versatile Blogger Award!! And then it’s wash face, get dressed and go do stuff time.