Teenager Now, Adult At Heart

I was thinking about how many times I ask you guys questions at the end of my blog entries, and I get a feel of who my visitors are and such. But.. I know you, but do you know me? I decided to give you guys a chance to ask me anything you want. The first 21 questions asked I will answer in my next entry.

I rather not hear the typical “whats your favorite color” questions, but something more personal or perhaps related to web and graphic design. Anything really, just make your questions original.

The last week has been pretty hectic and a lot of tears, headaches, and stress managed to pop up throughout the past several days. It’s all behind me now and I’m just hoping to move on and get through the last three months of school that remain. This school year has blown by so fast and it’s just a matter of time before the next one rolls around. Summer will come and go, and I want to make the most out of the rest of the time I have to live as a young adult.

As some of you may know, I’m a bit of a NERD, so what I’m planning on doing is starting college two years early. Well, as a Junior in high school, I have the chance to go to a local university and knock two years of college out. Sounds like cool beans right? Sure it is, but the pressure can really get to you. [Personal]On my side of the family, I’ll pretty much be the first person to graduate. My mom has made an attempt to go back to school, but she’s still not done. [/Personal] I really feel like it’s up to me, because I’m my mom’s youngest child and my education is essential to my future. America is at a “turn around” and I need to keep up so I don’t get lost with the rest of society’s egotistical, money hungry, not really caring for its citizens’ mentality.

That’s why I’m going to study politics, and maybe law. America needs more people who want to help, rather than those who are in it for the money. I feel that I have ideas and a voice that ought to be heard, and voting for someone who might tend to my wants and needs for the country is not enough. Why not be that someone making a difference? I feel that change only starts with YOU (meaning yourself), so that’s my plan. Political Science and Law is what my mind is telling me to major in when I go off to College. It changes every day, but we’ll see.

What do you see yourself ten years from now?