St. Paul’s School for Girls

St. Paul’s School for Girls is located in Brooklandville, Maryland. At this amazing school, the hearts and minds of the students are educated in an inclusive, supportive community founded on the basic Episcopal principles and values of integrity, spiritual growth, and respect. The school aims to nurture creativity and intellectual curiosity, empower the student’s voice, and be an inspiration for confident and ambitious leaders who will be ready for serving their communities and the world.

The school draws vision and direction from this mission. All of the school’s employees are committed to the individual experiences and journeys in the school. The school wants all girls to challenge their learning process to ultimately be able to forge their particular and distinct future paths in the ever-changing world.

The school wants all students to understand and harness the process and the power of asking the right questions and to learn to feel comfortable with making mistakes, taking healthy or calculated risks, and uncertainty. All these elements are important for what the school considers a robust and healthy learning community.

It is the school’s mission to graduate young and ambitious women who are actively involved in their communities with a strong and well-rounded sense of self-awareness. The girls at the school receive a first-class education and learn how to best handle negative feedback and setbacks that are common in young women’s lives.

The school’s rigorous curriculum and principles will empower all girls with the spirit, independence, and skills to innovate, inspire, and to contribute to a better world. You may also want to check out this article about Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles, another marvelous example of how a girls-only school brings out the best in its students.

The school history traces back all the way to 1799 when some Old St. Paul’s Church members founded an institution for the education and care of orphaned or indigent girls. The 19th and 20th centuries was a period of several school closures and reopenings in various locations until, in 1958, the Baltimore County Benevolent Society decided to establish a college-preparatory educational institution which eventually in 1959 was opened officially. Over the years, the school has been growing steadily and today, St. Paul’s School for Girls is one of the best-reputed independent schools in the greater Baltimore area.

St. Paul’s School for Girls is led by Penny B. Evins who started out as Head of School in early 2013. Previously she had worked in New Orleans at Isidore Newman School, a well-respected coed Pre-K-12 educational institution with more than 1,000 students. Here, for more than five years, Penny headed the Lower School. Her previous leadership positions span various upper, middle, and lower school divisions across the nation. Much attention is also paid to developing excellent handwriting skills, in addition, to verbally well-developed skills to benefit the students in their future careers and lives.

Penny is a New Orleans native where she went to Isidore Newman School. Later, she graduated from Connecticut’s Choate Rosemary and earned a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s in Education Counseling from the University of Virginia. Penny is the 10th Head of School at St. Paul’s and she is serving on a number of boards such as The Association of Independent Maryland Schools (AIMS) and The Center for Spiritual & Ethical Education (CSEE).