I Know, But I Don’t Know

So how was everyone’s Halloween? Mine started off with a bit of disappointment. As I suspected, I was unable to go to Fright Fest with my friend. It was something I really wanted to do and I was looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone and overcome my fear of coasters. Maybe next time eh? Well, even though I didn’t get to go to Six Flags, I still had fun here in my neighborhood. I didn’t like to trick-or-treat, but just hung out with some friends and stayed up very late. It was fun!

Today I woke up and decided I wanted to go a bit further with the site. Right now it’s pretty lackluster and I want it to be a bit more fun and interacting. When I think of a contest that’s original, I’ll host it so check back because I have some really cool prizes in mind, even though I don’t know what the contest will be. I also will begin another project that I will try very hard not to mention until I’m done with it completely. There’s a good chance I’ll spill the beans beforehand. Watch.

I will be updating this weekend. My goal is to add at least one tutorial to the photoshop and WordPress sections. I keep being asked how to do things so I need to hurry with them! Keep asking me questions though because they do help me decide what I should make tutorials on. In fact, any requests? Just say so in this blog via comment. For now, I just made a few new icon textures. Now, I must attempt to be a good student and go do the reading for next week, do my chemistry homework and algebra II homework. Blah, some weekend this will be. Keep a smile on my face, will you?

Exhausted For A Good Cause

School is finally beginning to take its toll on my daily energy and overall mood. Typically, I try to keep school and home life separate, but now it’s just not possible. I’ve been loaded with homework, stress, and fatigue of course. I always hear around that despite senior year, sophomore year would be easy. So not the case! In my math class, we’d get assigned some homework, and the teacher NEVER collects the work we do. Therefore, I’ve considered doing my “homework” for that class a waste and I haven’t done it in quite some time. Why? Well, in other classes the workload is much greater, and if he isn’t collecting it, and I understand what I’m doing then it’s okay to devote more time to other work, right?

Marching band too, is what’s really making everything so hard. Practice ends at 6:30 PM every day and we never actually get done until about 7:00 PM and I get home roughly at 7:30. By this time, kids that have gone home at a normal time are probably finishing up homework while I’m just starting and I usually have homework in 5 of my seven classes. Can you say overload? I take just about every book home in my locker. Yesterday, at practice we finally got started on our drill, and the game is just 2 days away! We’re behind so they’re being really hard on us, yielding my sore legs and throbbing arm. I hope we get everything together.

Site-wise, I have minor items; but more will come as soon as I find the time. My upcoming layout is finished but I need to find the time to actually upload the theme and convert for WordPress and all that jazz. So, sit tight. It’s coming! Also, my hits have been pretty good, but comments have gone down. Just want to say that’s okay! Though, feedback will be nice from time to time (my purpose for blogging), so leave comments!

I will definitely be making more brushes because they are somewhat easier to make. Google helped me with that! As stated before, keep commenting, keep VOTING! Next time you hear from me there will be a new layout!