Half of what I say is meaningless…

…but I say it just to reach you, Julia. ~John Lennon

I haven’t talked about this in great detail here, but Julia has had a very difficult time with tonsillitis and throat infections this year.

She had a bout of tonsillitis a little while ago and her tonsils like, tripled in size, and never went back down to normal. It’s affected her breathing, especially at night – she wakes up choking and literally gasping for breath several times a night and has started snoring like a trucker, something she never did before.

The broken sleep leaves her tired throughout the day and people often comment on her pale face and raccoon eyes. Her eating habits have also been affected, and when she had the flu last week her bulging tonsils egged her gag reflex on and really added fuel to the fire.

She’d had an appointment to see an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist in early April for a while but when we were at the doctor’s last week I asked if he knew if the specialist had a cancellation list, because if she did, I wanted to get Julia on it. I expressed my concern about the entire situation, namely her breathing at night, and he called the specialist’s office personally to see if Julia could get in sooner. And, lo and behold, their office called Monday with an opening on Tuesday at 11 a.m.

I had a feeling that when the specialist heard about the difficulties Julia had been having and saw the size of her tonsils she’d recommend having them removed, and that’s exactly what happened. She was very nice, very pleasant, and very good with Julia – I instantly felt at ease with her, and Julia did too.

She and I discussed Julia’s history and what had been going on and then she looked in Julia’s nose and ears. She commented that Julia’s adenoids were enlarged and gasped when she looked in Julia’s throat. “Those tonsils are huge!” she said, and then she kind of smiled at me. “But I’m sure you’ve heard that before.”

The end result? They’re coming out. Soon. Sooner than I thought, actually. She’s going in on March 13th.

*deep breath*

I absolutely feel that this is the right course of action for Julia, and I trust the specialist when she said that she wouldn’t remove them unless she felt it was necessary. I’m not too anxious about it right now, but it’s still two weeks away. I’ve got plenty of time to get anxious. We’re being as honest as we feel we should be with Julia about it, and about what will be happening, and granted, she’s scared. But she’s taking it well so far.

*another deep breath*

When we got home yesterday Julia wanted to color at the dining room table, and while I tidied up and got Oliver down for his nap she drew pictures of all of us. Hey, at least one of my kids colors with markers as opposed to poo. Always look at the bright side of things, my friends.