Five Ways to Keep the Academic Achievement

If you managed to get good grades at midterms, you would be eager to maintain this achievement until the end of the semester, and next semester. However, if your grades already bad, then you have to try harder than ever.

Consider the following tips:

Read each week
Some teachers require that you read a book every week, several other professors might just make it as a reference. Sometimes, reading assignment is listed in the course syllabus and it can make us overwhelmed each week. However, force yourself to read and meet targets in the plan of studies.

You will discover how your ability to understand the lecture material increases with diligence reading the book according to the assignment.

Reread the notes
Read the notes before the course material. Is it still can you understand? Or notes only small pieces of information that now do not you understand? If your answer is ‘Yes’ to both questions, then it’s time you clean up your lecture notes.

You do not need to do it in one sitting, credit every week. Your brain would be grateful if you did not try to enter all your information arrived the night before the exam.

Diligent study
If you want to master the subject matter, then you must attend all scheduled lectures, period. If you’re sick, loan notes or Meet with your professor friend. You need to be proactive, no one will hold your hand and reassure you that you will understand all the material that you miss.

Follow the syllabus
If your professor provides a guide before the exam, make sure you understand all the concepts he relayed. You would be lucky to write additional information to complete the outline is given of the lecturer. This way not only the best way to review the lesson but also will help you ‘dump’ the information is not important that you do not need to learn.

Meet your professor (if necessary)
Most of the students are lazy to do this. If you are able to understand all of the subject matter and do not have any questions, you will be safe to learn on their own. But, if there is a gap between the subject matter that you understand and you do not understand, then it is time for you to make an appointment with your professor.

Make an appointment with the lecturer would be better done in advance rather than a desperate email to his teacher the night before the exam and ask him if he has time…