Find What Works For YOU

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone. One of the biggest lessons in my life right now is the concept of bio-individuality.

In other words, what is right for YOU won’t be right for the person standing next to you and vice versa.

Are they wrong? Why are there so many opposing theories? It’s because they are all right (personal ethics aside)! Doesn’t matter what test (or no test) you choose to decide about your future career. The key is that most of these lifestyles are based on real situations and that is why they work.

I spent a lot of time thinking one way of being productive (whatever it was at the time) was the right way. “Finally I found all that I’ve been searching for,” I would think. I would follow it diligently, feel great, then feel like crap, berating myself along the way if I “fell off” because surely it was my lack of willpower that was the problem. Wrong!

Bio-individuality works within our own lives. Tip the scales so far in one direction and they will be begging to be tipped back, or sometimes things are just plain wrong for us and where we’re at. This is why I advocate a diet of balance and variety, allowing yourself to be flexible.

Our bodies and minds are smart and it’s up to us to listen to them and allow our inner intuition to guide us where is best for us. This begins with putting our own ego aside when we think we know something, but our body is telling us otherwise.

So what do we do in a sea of information and a vast internet that could suck us into the trap of self-comparison?

First and foremost, eat real food, from nature (most of the time).

Experiment.  Find what makes you feel your best.

Do NOT compare yourself to ANYONE. One man’s medicine is another man’s poison.

Where can you be more flexible and make changes that you know are right for you? Do you ever feel the pressure (from yourself or otherwise) to do things in a certain way? Forget about it all of that. Try a test, make a quiz, talk to somebody and the most important listen to yourself.

And now to take your mind out of these “heavy” subjects, read my “horror” spider story. 

It was still dark in our bedroom when I woke up. I had to use the bathroom. Great. After checking my iPhone, I determined that it was around four thirty and so I figured that if I went now, I could snooze for a couple more hours.

Unsuspectingly, I went into the bathroom, did my thing, and then walked over to the sink in order to wash my hands. I had nearly put my hands underneath the running water when I saw something creeping along the inside. My heart rate went up, my ears started ringing. A spider, a big fat ugly spider.


A couple of weeks before, we had gotten a visit from an extermination company because of a little problem we had, and the exterminator warned us about hobo spiders. After which, my roommate and I had looked up a couple pictures of those critters on the internet, we realized we’d never seen any before, and so we were not too worried. However, that spider that I saw did closely resemble what I thought to be a hobo spider. Yuk!!

After examining the spider closely — but not too closely, my heartbeat was out of control. In a state of panic, I rushed back to the bedroom, grabbed my MacBook and typed in brown spider with ball-shaped antennas at Google search. All too soon I was engrossed by looking up pictures of the different spider species,

The first thing google came up with was a hobo spider, and so I felt my suspicions were confirmed. I went over to wake My friend. She startled and jumped up as soon as I mentioned the words hobo spider. She ran into the bathroom; I had no desire to go back in, I’d already faced my fears once by looking closely at the spider once, it would have been outright tempting fate to do that! For all I knew, the bugger would jump on my face. No. I stayed put in the bedroom.


Five minutes later, my friend came back and told me “it kinda does look like one”, and then our quest truly began. For over two hours (mind you, it was still night at this point) we looked up numerous pictures of hobo spiders and funnel web spiders and giant house spiders — which are all related to try and make out what kind of spider we were dealing with. We couldn’t come to a definite conclusion because it sorta looked like a hobo spider, but then again it also resembled the other kinds of spiders.

Morbidly fascinated I kept on looking up different pictures– one scarier than the other– even though I was feeling itchy all over, and was slapping at my hair to keep it away from my face. For all I knew there could be a hobo spider in my hair! Looking at their fat abdomens, their hairy long legs and their scary faces gave me goosebumps all over, and so my poor heart hadn’t slowed down yet. At some point, I even discovered another spider that kind of resembled the hobo spider in the living room and so, naturally, my state of panic was complete.


After two hours of browsing, I tried to snooze for a while. Constantly I was aware of my surroundings though, I made every little itch on my body out to be the touch of a hobo spider, and so whenever I was itchy there went my heartbeat again! My friend is on her way to the extermination company as we speak, and although we are not sure if the two spiders that we saw were actually hobo spiders, I am going to sleep with a leggings on as well as a long sleeved shirt for a couple weeks. And socks.