Bromley Brook

Bromley Brook School (BBS), a private therapeutic boarding school, was located in the town of Manchester, Bennington County, Vermont. The school offered education programs for girls who were having difficulties being successful in conventional school settings. Students were following individualized learning plans that were focusing on education, family relationships, and self-awareness.

Bromley Brook School was operated and owned by the Aspen Education Group, which closed the school in July 2011, together with a few other facilities, due to declining enrollment. The other schools that closed simultaneously were Aspen Ranch and SunHawk Adolescent Recovery Center in Utah, and NorthStar Center and New Leaf Academy in Oregon. All schools are permanently closed.  


Bromley Brook School had become a bit of a controversy after the New York Times published an article titled “A Business Built on the Troubles of Teenagers” and the school was also mentioned on a popular subreddit called “troubled teens” about the “Troubled Teens Industry”.

Bromley Brook School also got involved in a scandal when in April 2010, a former teacher at the school pleaded guilty to having had several sexual encounters with an only 16-year-old student on at least three occasions in September and October the previous year.

BBS History

Bromley Brook School was founded in 2004, and the school’s students were following a personalized learning plan that, besides education, was concentrating on self-awareness and family relationships. Enrollment was averaging around 80 students, but that number had declined steadily since the end of 2007. The decline in demand for therapeutic schools was a result of the economics of the times, and the 45 people that were employed by the school lost their jobs in 2011.

In March 2011, the school’s owner and operator, Aspen Education Group, made an announcement that BBS, together with a few other Aspen schools, would close its doors by the end of that academic year (July 2011), as part of Aspen’s restructuring operations.

School Details

  • School Level: Secondary Education
  • School Gender:  Girls Only
  • Grades: 9th through 12th

In 2004, the Aspen Education Group (AEG) opened Vermont’s first girls-only boarding school (Bromley Brook School) to accommodate under-achieving teenage girls in the category 13-18 year old’s. The school, located on a beautiful 7-acre campus in the town of Manchester, Vermont, was combining academic rigor with individual exploration and family-based communication in to get the girls ready for successful careers and to become  young, strong, individual women.

The school used a model of small classroom settings, and encouraged peer interaction and positive reinforcement. The school offered highly effective individualized student counseling to assist in positively changing the lives of the young female students. They were actually all very capable of great achievement, but they had encountering severe difficulty with being successful at traditional schools due to low self-confidence, low self-esteem, and pressure from family or peers. All students were provided with individualized learning plans in accordance with their skills and capacities, and the school used several pre-placement tests to assure proper personal study plans.