Broaden, Instead of Narrowing Your Niche

I recently started a new job working as the editor for e-learning website it’s something I’m very interested/excited to learn about. The opportunity was too good to pass up.

Anyways, I’ve had a little bit of “blah” in my blogging lately. This translates to … not blogging! I started over-thinking, what is my focus? Do I need to switch to a new one – start a new blog? – or re-direct a focus in a way that re-inspires me?

I mulled over a fashion/beauty blog, so I could post pictures of clothes and squeal away. However, I prefer leaving my hair unbrushed, au naturel, and throwing haphazard clothing on, with little regard for current trends or respect for color coordination, at least half of the time. The other half of the time is when I’m feeling blue, and throw on this silver and black medieval style gown that I have, with a corset top and full skirt.

Nothing cheers more than uber formal attire! Actually, I was a bear for Halloween this past October, and that one has been showing up during a grumpy mood more often than the gown. I do have a sexy Santa’s Elf costume that’s begging to be thrown on, but I’m waiting for the big event of Christmas Eve at my parents’ place. They’re a little older, reigned in and laced up to some extent, so it should liven things up. “Who here’s been naughty?” Rawr, grr, wink, xoxo. So, basically, I don’t want to live up to fashionista blogger standards. I’d rather wear my bunny rabbit mittens to the ice rink, thank you very much.

I thought about e-learning blogging, but the reason I’m working in this online business is to learn, not make an exhibition of myself. Well, I’m just kidding. I know a little bit more than that.

Anyways, neither of those blogs are coming. I know my three readers are probably disappointed.

Basically, I decided that, instead of narrowing my niche, I should broaden it. I wrote about how much I learned since I started blogging, and I want to write about twitter apps/stumbleupon/installing analytics/RSS button placement/firefox add-ons … whatever.

But I also want to write a poem.

So I’m going to, in my next post. I realized, to get over blahs, you have to go with your passions. And the thing about riding on the momentum of a muse, is that you don’t always end up with 10 Ways to Improve Your Query, or The Seven Deadly Sins to Avoid (To Create Killer Copy!). Sometimes you end up with I Like Cheese – Who DOESN’T?!?! One woman’s journey through the wonderful world of cheese. Or whatever. I mean, Barney’s Girl from the fashion blog I Am Fashion recently hi-jacked the blog to include financial news. How has the hottest hosiery translated down from Chanel to streetwear? What did Citigroup’s shares jump up to after a 20 billion dollar injection from the recent bailout? Not to worry – you can find these two totally related things at I Am Fashion.

So, if Barney’s Girl does it, then I’m doing it too! Minus the financial updates – I can make a firm promise on that one.