Archer School For Girls

The Archer School for Girls was established by three visionary and bold women, From the beginning, some twenty years ago, the Archer School was meant to be a highly innovative school, a place where all programmatic decisions would be based on the most recent research and beliefs about how young women are learning, developing, and thriving.

The Archer School is a contemporary school for girls and it is the school’s mission to educate and shape this country’s future female leaders in a challenging environment that’s ambitious but in a joyful way.

That ambitious mission is clearly visible every day in the school’s classrooms and hallways. Visitors are often pleasantly surprised by how friendly and happy the girls at Archer are. They’re also often surprised by how stunningly confident and unusually poised Archer girls come across, and one of the key things is the girls’ competence that forms the basis for this confidence.

Archer girls gain mastery of basic competencies that are essential to be successful in the contemporary world, regardless of their backgrounds, talents, or ideas about the future or their future positions. These competencies are shaping the path and career tracks that the girls will take later in their lives. When the school’s alumnae are asked about the impact their Archer education had on their further life, they invariably trace what they have achieved and who they have become directly back to the transformative experiences they encountered at Archer.

Archer girls know and respect the value of an Archer education. They are always happy to talk to parents and prospective students about the exceptional teaching and unique cultural experience they enjoy at Archer. Negative feedback is not an Archer thing as opposed to so many other educational institutions. Positive stimulus is the school’s creed.

The Archer School for Girls is also known and respected for the school’s “Inspirational Woman Project.” The school really believes that all women are inspirational and that it’s the school’s mission to inform the world about their stories. At Archer, they don’t go by the golden rules to not get screwed. It’s all about respect and dignity here. What a difference from some other schools in the nation, wouldn’t you agree?

The school is headed by Elizabeth English who has had educational leading roles in both public and independent schools all across the nation for more than 25 years. She has always been focused on building excellence in learning and teaching through research and enhancing an ethically responsible school education. As a devoted, creative, and passionate advocate for girl schools wherever she worked, Elizabeth often gives textures on issues that girls today are faced with, education, and parenting.

Elizabeth English has been serving as School Head at Archer in Los Angeles since 2008 though she is originally from the East Coast. Throughout her career, Elizabeth started to notice more and more the heads of schools in America were all men, whereas the positions underneath were practically all done by women. It became obvious to her that she needed to help bring about change for girls and women. The best way to reach that was, in her eyes, to start and lead a school for girls only where empowerment for our nation’s girls was the most important objective.

So some two decades ago now, three visionary and bold young woman started the Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles. They founded this highly innovative school as a haven of respect and integrity where young women will have the best chance to develop, learn, and thrive to their fullest potential. A place where programmatic choices and decisions are based on research about how young, contemporary women can be educated in a supportive and respectful way. Read also this post: “Learning About Integrity and Values From A Black Eye.”