Adult Education Sucks!

Wow, today has been hectic and I’ve not even been at work. Last night I went to bed fairly early because I had some sorting out to do with the bank. Why? Because I’m an idiot.

I managed to pay my monthly credit card bill twice for some reason and normally I wouldn’t care, because hey, that balance needs to be cleared. But it’s August people. I don’t have the money to be paying for things twice right now – places to go, people to see.

So being the idiot that I am, I groveled to the bank, and they told me to ring back first thing today to get the second payment recalled. And this is why I went to bed early last night so that I could be up at 9 am to beg the bank for my money back.

After 2 minutes on the phone, the cash was back in my account. OK, well that was easy. Now do my homework, I need to get that GED! Fortunately, I take these prep classes, thank God! But I still need to learn of course and it’s a lot, check it yourself.

Anyhoo, breakfast sorted, I went upstairs and wrote a mini to-do list like I do at the beginning of every month (hello June, by the way!). I had five things I needed to do, and before you read you must know that number 5 is necessary because my friend wants her boxsets back, OK?!

  1. Read my theater journals, so I know what is going on in the art world
  2. Sort out my summer job
  3. Start my placement portfolio
  4. Organize my bills for my new flat
  5. Watch seasons two and three of SatC – this is necessary, right?

At 1.30 pm, job two was taken care of – I will be hearing from my boss soon to confirm my position. Jobs 1, 3, and five still works in progress. Job 4… don’t even go there. A little backstory for you first. I lived with my parents until I was 20. I moved to a big city in 2013 into student accommodation – rent, bills, the internet, everything, was included in the price each month.

Then I moved back home due to unforeseen circumstances, and now I’m moving back to the big city in October. The problem with this is that it’s my flat. I’m sharing with a really good friend of mine, but it’s still our own flat. We have to pay bills and everything. Now I may be acting childish, but you must understand that I’ve never had to do this before. Where do I even start? How much do things cost? What about TV? And don’t even get me started on water… it’s a mystery that just I can’t figure out.

It’s now 5 pm, and I’ve spent the entire afternoon ringing companies, and asking them how things work, etc. First was the electricity company. Now when I viewed this flat, I noticed that their bill was on the table, so I glanced at it – cheap as chips. So I rang this particular company this morning and got all that sorted. EASY. Then I decided to ring the TV company.

We want satellite TV with a recorder, and we also want the bundle to include broadband, telephone, and line rental. It’s just simple that way. So I found a perfect package, and once I got to the checkout I had to enter the phone number of my new flat, so they could make sure it was available in my area. Will my landlord give me the phone number? No, he will not. Why? Data protection – it’s private information. But on July 1st it’s going to be my phone number, I told him. Doesn’t matter, he said. So that’s that. It’ll have to wait.

Now everything else I am fairly OK with except water. I don’t know about other countries, but in England, I thought one company provided the water for a particular area and you paid them each month. Not so fast! The lovely lady at the water company told me that my flat was connected to a shared meter and that the water would be added onto the rent. OK, well that’s fine.

Saves me having to mess around. Again, not so fast! My landlord informed me that no such thing would happen. Oh, so what will happen then, I said. I’ll look into it, he said. Look into it? Surely he should know having owned this flat and letting it out to students for four years. Not much has changed since then, you idiot. So water is on hold at the moment, just like the TV/internet/telephone.

But it’s alright, at least I have electricity… how do you grown-ups do it? I’m stressed out even thinking about bills, never mind paying them. Wow. High fives to all you adults out there, ’cause I sure as hell ain’t one!