Bromley Brook

Bromley Brook School (BBS), a private therapeutic boarding school, was located in the town of Manchester, Bennington County, Vermont. The school offered education programs for girls who were having difficulties being successful in conventional school settings. Students were following individualized learning plans that were focusing on education, family relationships, and self-awareness.

Bromley Brook School was operated and owned by the Aspen Education Group, which closed the school in July 2011, together with a few other facilities, due to declining enrollment. The other schools that closed Continue reading “Bromley Brook”

Why Your Self confidence is so important

QuesMarkChange. Funny how that one word can be so intimidating isn’t it? I think it’s a given that most people would agree that being exposed to something completely foreign would induce some people to break a sweat or step on a few toes. I love to play with career quizzes to check possible alternative careers. But many people don’t want to change anything

Staying in your circle of comfort is nice, comfort means safe, and safe means no stress. And who likes to be stressed needlessly right?

However in my personal opinion, I think that pushing yourself to do things that you normally wouldn’t do is very important in growing as a person, spiritually, emotionally and financially. To give you a more specific example I’ll talk about having self confidence in yourself. Continue reading “Why Your Self confidence is so important”

How to Handle Negative Feedback

4I profess to being an absolute feedback junkie. Positive feedback tells me that what I’m already doing, I should keep doing. Negative tells me I need to take a step back, and evaluate whether alterations need to be made. The more constructive it is, the better. So, if this is what I believe, if this is what I know will help me improve, then why is negative feedback so hard to take?

All of this came to rise earlier this week, when a friend of mine read this blog. He was the second person I told to check it out, off-handedly. Little did I expect him to check right away, then proceed with a list of all the reasons why nobody cares. It could have been an enormous bulleted list. It was a full frontal assault, and no sugar coating it at all. If you’d seen me in a bathing suit, then you’d realize I like my sugar about 5 pounds too much. It took me a moment to step back and take the advice, and decide what I would use and what I would discard. Continue reading “How to Handle Negative Feedback”

5 Things I Learned When I Became a Parent

LookingAheadI was 22 years old when I started teaching. I had no responsibilities, could work all day and relax and play all night (after planning that was).
For 10 years I watched children come to school at 8am and at 3 o’clock I sent them home again. Except for parent teacher interviews I had little thought about what went on at home.
At 32 I became a parent and found out so many things I never knew before. And now I am a working mum of Dusty who is lovingly cared for by many young teachers at Day Care.
Here is what I now know, that I never really understood before having a child:

Continue reading “5 Things I Learned When I Became a Parent”

Confessions of a Problem Parent

aw3Let me be clear: I don’t want to be a problem parent. I want to feel like my children’s teachers and I are partners in guiding my girls’ education. I’ve experienced that a few times, and it is marvelous. I have seen my children thrive when we all collaborate together with teachers who treat both me and my children with respect, who are passionate about teaching, and who are available to me and my kids beyond the school bell.

Let me further state that I have no doubt that any teacher got into the profession for any reason other than to make a difference. It is a tough, tough job with lots of red tape and many responsibilities well beyond their pay grade. When I first meet any teacher, I always want to believe that they’ll be amazing. Continue reading “Confessions of a Problem Parent”

Balancing parent teacher communication

5 As a single, working parent, one of my biggest struggles is finding the right balance of involvement. I fear the perception that my daughters’ teachers will have of me. Our culture seems to have decided that two parents are always better than one, so it appears our family is already working from a disadvantage. Single parents are presumed to be involved in their children’s lives until proved otherwise.

 I make it a point to come in late to work on the first day of school so I can meet the teacher face to face, and I immediately ask for an email address. I prefer email because it allows both of us busy people a chance to read and respond in our own time. I think it’s reasonable for both of us to do so within a day or two. If a teacher tells me he/she only checks their email once a week, then I usually leave notes with my child to give to the teacher if something comes up.

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The Evolving Definition of Accountability.

PPP_CGENE_CLP_Dart04_BlueI think what’s happening here is I feel guilty for not keeping up my posting frequency. So, instead of not posting at all anymore, I am making completely unnecessary posts.

The thing is, I hate those “I’m sorry I haven’t been posting” posts because I think it’s your right, and half the time I never noticed anyways. I have a bit over 100 blogs in my reader, so I would only ever notice if it was one of my absolute favorite-favorite-favorites. I suppose some others follow maybe only five or two, or one blog, and if it’s one, it should be this one. Because then you won’t have to be bogged down following it – there’s plenty of breathing room in between each post, because I know you’re busy. Continue reading “The Evolving Definition of Accountability.”

The Construction of True Literature

I may have previously mentioned this, but in college, for two years, I majored in poetry. Creative writing, with a very specific focus on poetry. My parents were super proud and supportive – cough. Basically, once I received my associates in poetry, I threw in my towel at McDonald’s because the recruiters were lining up around the block. With that kind of degree, who wouldn’t? The people who invented Google invited me on as a partner with equal share, but I respectfully declined. I had bigger plans for myself. Bigger plans that an creative writing associates degree, focusing on poetry? Impossible! What chould be bigger than that?

A bachelor’s degree in anthropology, obviously. Continue reading “The Construction of True Literature”

Broaden, Instead of Narrowing Your Niche

PPP_ITECH_CLP_Binary_Flow_BI recently started a new job working as the editor for e-learning website it’s something I’m very interested/excited to learn about. The opportunity was too good to pass up.

Anyways, I’ve had a little bit of “blah” in my blogging lately. This translates to … not blogging! I started over-thinking, what is my focus? Do I need to switch to a new one – start a new blog? – or re-direct a focus in a way that re-inspires me?

I mulled over a fashion/beauty blog, so I could post pictures of clothes and squeal away. However, I prefer leaving my hair unbrushed, au naturel, and throwing haphazard clothing on, with little regard for current trends or respect for color coordination, at least half of the time. The other half of the time is when I’m feeling blue, and throw on this silver and black medieval style gown that I have, with a corset top and full skirt. Continue reading “Broaden, Instead of Narrowing Your Niche”